Postcard from Majorca!

The last week has been pretty relaxing, but also eventful. My trip to Majorca was full of cats, boats, shutters, crumbly stone walls, windy roads, bicycles, saddle thieves, mountains, beach shacks, bare legs, lighthouses, garlic dip and awful spanglish. All in all a pretty good week!

A long weekend!

For once I had an action packed weekend this weekend, I spent a lovely day in Chiswick on Saturday with the sister and enjoyed some lovely greek food and also saw the new spiderman film (which for that matter is sooo much better than the other one!). Then on Sunday, I was lucky enough to […]

Holiday photos

I have finally got my films from my holiday processed and whilst the four-lens toy camera was a bit of a flop, there are some nice ones. Seeing them now makes me nostalgic for a holiday again though! Maybe if the British weather were to pick up, we could try some camping by the coast. […]


I am going away on sunday to Thailand and have begun the packing! I have also been doing a bit of Bangkok research so that we don’t spend the first night wandering aimlessly! I am just worried that I have forgotten something big! I have probably spent the most time thinking about what cameras I […]